Bubba Kush

A relatively uplifting BC cross between two kush classics: Purple Kush and Bubba Kush. I let my guard down after seeing the modest trim job on this bud, but after I opened the bag, its fat nugs proceeded to uppercut me in the face. Very gassy scent with that distinct ‘kush’ smell. Smoke was clean with light ash. The taste was a little fresh with chlorophyll notes; but besides that, very euphoric smoke that will not disappoint experienced kush connoisseurs – especially at half the price point of most bud in Toronto whose effects don’t even compare 🙂

• Species: Indica-Dominant
• THC/CBD: ~17-24%/~<1%
• Strength: 4/5

• Dominant Terpenes: Not Tested

• Entourage Effects: Happy, Comfort, Relaxed

•Phenotype Rating: 94/100

•Recommended Time of Consumption: Before Bed

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